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March 18, 2016  -  L.A. Biz  /  Elvis Express Radio
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“American Idol” creator Simon Fuller is partnering with Pulse Evolution Corp. to co-produce a series of entertainment properties and virtual reality experiences featuring Pulse’s
digital human, or Digital Life, technology.

The partnership said it's aiming to combine the highest quality visual imagery, including hyper-realistic digital humans, with the most advanced display technologies to create
immersive content for stage, virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

The first project will be the digital development of
Elvis Presley in preparation for a live show to showcase the iconic performer at his prime. Fuller also is developing two other
acts: a fictional character for young fans and another persona is based on a little-known artist who he believes might have a better shot at success as a digital entity, according to
the Wall Street Journal.

“I am very excited by all the incredible opportunities virtual reality and immersive technology will provide,” Fuller said in a statement. “I am very focused on creating some
extraordinary music-based properties that can enthrall and captivate audiences around the world. Entertainment will be at the forefront of showcasing this incredible new