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March 17, 2016  -  Elvis Express Radio
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A few days ago, we featured a news report about a new book, 'Elvis: A Personal Memoir - By One Who Knew Him' by Chris Hutchins who worked as a music reporter and went
on to befriended The Beatles – who called him Crispy Hutch – in 1962 he was assigned to travel with them on all their tours. Having befriended Elvis Presley's manager, Colonel
Tom Parker, and then Presley himself, it was Hutchins who set up a party in Presley's Los Angeles home for them to meet the king of rock'n'roll on Friday 27 August 1965.

In his book, Hutchins makes some claims regarding Elvis that we can't help but take with rather large pinch of salt and tales from the likes of Tom Jones who has built a bit of a
reputation of seemingly remembering a new story involving Elvis whenever a new bit of publicity is needed and more and more those stories are increasingly at Elvis' expense!

Marty Lacker (joint Best Man at Elvis & Priscilla' wedding) has read our article regarding the Hutchings book and as always, we here at EER welcome Marty to share his feelings
regarding the claims made in the book and the authors involvement with Elvis.

Marty wrote:
I read the story from Chris Hitchens and its amazing how history and reality gets changed by those wanting to make themselves look good. Priscilla is chief among them, its all about
her. She complains so much including how she falsely says how Elvis was before they married and that maybe she shouldn't have married him, well, she should have thought about
that before she got her father to threaten Elvis if he didn't marry her. Who EFF does she thinks she's kidding?

She set her sights on becoming Mrs. Presley from day one.  As for the carnival she speaks of that was Graceland because of the Memphis Mafia that's her skewered look at the
relationship between him and us. I can truthfully state and its shared by many others, that if he had not have us or a group of guys he could be himself with, he would have died
earlier than 42 or gone stark raving crazy from loneliness.

Priscilla was no EFFING saint, far from it, she was/is a cold hearted two faced greedy witch with a capital "B".

As for that lying George Klein, he was not there when Elvis went to the airport to pull Hamburger James off the plane because he stole some personal pictures of Elvis"  Sonny and
Red West were with Elvis when that happened.

These people who write shit about Elvis who really didn't know him or us or maybe spent a fleeting moment with him are a joke.  It is nice to know though that my take on Tom Jones
being two faced in regards to Elvis and they were not that close even though Tom likes to tell people they were but I've seen the way he acted, the few times they were together,  
including the first time they met on the set of Paradise Hawaiian Style.  Jones was in awe of Elvis.

Its a shame people cant leave well enough alone.....or at least tell the damn truth!

To see what has caused Marty to get so angry, see the
original article