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March 16, 2016  -   Brian Quinn /  Elvis Express Radio
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All Elvis fans that are interested will of course be excited at the news, the UK Number One, Million selling album 'If I Can Dream' will be enjoying a short arena tour in the UK later this
year. So why are we warning you about making sure this doesn't become a nightmare?

The official concert tour does not commence until November 2016.

To be more exact,
'IF I CAN DREAM LIVE' will play the London O2 Arena on November 23rd 2016, and so when making your bookings.......PLEASE BE AWARE!

Here's why?

When booking your tickets for the
REAL Elvis O2 Arena show, be very careful because there is an IMPersonator show using the smash hit album, 'IF I CAN DREAM' to attract it's
audience. The name of the IMP is Rob Kingsley and his show is rather naughtily titled,
'Elvis Presley: If I Can Dream Recreated Live On Stage', The IMP has even hired a
Michael Buble IMP to perform with him on the stage and also couple of members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to join him on stage as part of the show, so that he can claim
he has backing by the RPO. His shows are in May with one at the Indigo Theatre at the 02 in London.

So, remember to be specific when booking your tickets to see ELVIS with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for
'If I Can Dream Live'..... You have been warned.
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