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Forgotten pictures of Elvis taken during his military service in Germany in 1958 found gathering dust in a drawer
March 16, 2016  -  Elvis Express Radio
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A scrapbook containing unseen photographs of Elvis Presley during his military service in Germany, compiled by an English teenager who was working as a hotel chambermaid, has
been discovered.

The girl, known only as Frances, made the album dedicated to the King when she was working in Bad Nauheim, where Elvis spent most of his two years' national service.

It contains 15 photos - six of which are signed - of the rock and roll singer in his army uniform, including one with Frances, and is now being sold after lying forgotten in a drawer for

It also has a stash of press and magazine cuttings relating to Elvis from publications of the time.

The owner of the album spent one summer in the town, where she was the only English girl, before returning to the UK.

An auctioneer recently stumbled upon it while carrying out a valuation of items at her house on Guernsey. It is expected to sell for £3,500 when it is sold by Channel Islands
Auctions in St Peter Port on the island

Concerned that his time in Germany would have a negative impact on his career, Elvis ensured his record company continued to release songs during his national service and he
had ten top 40 hits while he was in the army.

The star's time in Germany affected more than just his music. In September 1958 Elvis was introduced to 14-year-old Priscilla Beaulieu, whose step-father was also based in
Germany with the air force, during a party at his home.

He took an instant liking to her and the pair were practically inseparable during the rest of his time in Germany. They stayed in touch when he went back to America and Priscilla
visited him in 1962 before moving to Graceland in 1963 and marrying him in 1967.

During his time in Germany he also became dependent on the stimulants and barbiturates that later contributed to his death at the age of 42 in 1977.

'The remarkable thing is it has just been lying in a drawer for years. The lady knew she had it but she'd forgotten all about it.

'The scrapbook was just stuffed in a drawer in her lounge amongst other old papers and I found it as part of a routine evaluation. She hadn't looked at it for years.

'She's had her enjoyment from it and wants to sell it now so someone else can cherish it.

'Elvis died when he was only 42 and there's only a certain amount of material out there - a lot of it is hard to come by now so something like this is bound to attract interest.'

Tourist still flock to Bad Nauheim to visit the spots associated with the icon and the town has held a European Elvis Festival every year since 2002 and the square in front of the
Grunewald hotel in now called Elvis Presley Platz and has a memorial to the star.
An English teenager, known only as Frances (middle picture), had a scrapbook which included several unseen photos of Elvis in Germany during his time in the U.S. Army has been
discovered after lying forgotten in a drawer for years and is expected to reach more than £3,000 when sold by auctioneers in St Peter Port, Guernsey