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March 15, 2016  -  EMail / Elvis Express Radio
Elvis Express Radio News
Sent into us is this amazing looking cover for the next Book & CD offering from the FTD collectors label.

The photo used is a beautiful snap of Elvis around 1971 looking very distinguished with his cane and a high starch collar (Hmmm, sounds like a song). The title of the book is taken
from Elvis' signature moto,
'Taking Care Of Business - In A Flash'.

The new book will be a 430 page Hardcover edition and will be taking a look at both Elvis' public and private life over 4 months between October 1970 & January 1971. The books
writers are confirmed as being David English, Pal Granlund and Paul Richardson.

Included with the book will be a CD that we're told will have recordings from Elvis made in November 1970. What these recordings will be is yet to be confirmed.