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March 03, 2016  -  Daily Mail  /  Elvis Express Radio
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It's been just over a week since controversial former Doctor of Elvis Presley died in Memphis aged 88, but already jewellery, a gun, rings, diamond TCB pendent and a framed photo
of Elvis with a hand written dedicated signed to Nichopoulos from his legendary patient are going up for sale.....AGAIN! But the lots are not all with taste.

Amongst these items are the more tasteless, ghoulish items which include Ex-Dr Nick's medical bag, prescription pill bottles owned by Elvis Presley's personal physician.

More than 45 items owned by Elvis Presley's doctor are going up for sale
Among them are the singer's pill bottles, a nasal douche and his jewellery
The items are set to be auctioned by Julien's Auctions in Las Vegas in June

Elvis Presley's prescription pill bottles are among items in an upcoming sale of keepsakes passed down from The King's personal doctor.

Over 45 items gifted to renowned personal physician Dr. George Nichopoulos - 'Dr Nick' - are to go under the hammer.

Highlights include a Smith & Wesson pistol ($6,000), a glass nasal douche used before each concert ($2,000), a and Dr. Nick's Medical Bag ($6,000).

Now lets not forget, Nichopoulos had tried a few times to sell on his Ghoulish collection of these disgusting "Relics", which should have been destroyed and forgotten about. Why
the hell anyone would want to keep hold of the very things that helped Elvis towards an early grave is beyond us here at EER, but then again, the sight of Dollar signs is reason
enough we guess for some folks.....even those dear friends who loved him right???????