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February 28, 2016 -  Elvis Express Radio
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Elvis Presley was / is the undisputed King of Vegas. In 1969 he started an 8 year stint at the then newly built International Hotel which later became the Hilton and performed 837
sold out concerts and entertained a minimum of 2.5 Million People.

The Hilton Hotel unveiled a permanent tribute to Elvis back in 1979 in the form of a life-size bronze statue (picture above left), but with the Westgate, Elvis was being honoured in
the very hotel he used to sell out show after show by way of a permanent exhibition,
“Graceland Presents ELVIS: The Exhibition-The Show-The Experience” which included
over 300 Elvis artifacts, a live IMP show by Martin Fontaine (who Priscilla and EPE are promoting to the hilt).

As an added tribute by the Westgate, the showroom which Elvis performed in between 1969 & 1976 was renamed "The Elvis Presley Theater" plus the Hotel financed the campaign
to change Riviera Blvd into Elvis Presley Blvd. HOWEVER, we do know that EPE have officially tnotified the county and told them they don't want the street named after Elvis. Mark
Waltrip, chief operating officer of Westgate Las Vegas, said  
"We're very saddened this particular group has taken such a capricious and possibly damaging action. They thought
they would hurt us. But it's more damaging to the legion of Elvis fans."

But then that's not the only honour to Elvis that's been taken away. Remember that showroom that Elvis sold out 837 times and was renamed 'The Elvis Presley Theater'. Well now
it looks like the Westgate have had to remove the name Elvis Presley and revert back to the 'Westgate International Theater'. With this and now the street name, why the hell can't
EPE just appreciate these things are done as a TRIBUTE to Elvis, a mark of respect. These dedications are NOT making anyone money, they are what they are.....a Tribute.

Maybe the fact EPE can't make any money from the name changes is the reason behind them blocking these worthy dedications.....They seem more interested in hyping up some
bloody Elvis IMP with TCB Band IMPS and Sweets IMPS etc than having Elvis honoured.

An EER facebook reader, Mary Mancuso, wrote the following:
"I worked there from the beginning, the hotel wouldn't let us promote inside the hotel or convention center which is
attached to the hotel, they didn't want any impersonator in the exhibit if he was in costume and wouldn't allow any impersonator to perform near or in the exhibit.
Mary went on to tell
us about the closure. "
All employees were escorted out of the exhibit and the doors were locked. Graceland knew and didn't tell anyone anything, they already had trucks prepared
to pick up the artifacts Monday 29th 2015 even though they had weddings booked to July at the chapel they closed the doors not giving employees reason why they are now out of
a job"
- Staff told your out of a job and brides to be told sorry find somewhere else, Great P.R!

So, the Westgate are withholding 350 Elvis Treasures until EPE pay up the money the hotel say they are owed? While we are yet to know the full details behind this sudden,
shocking move and EPE once again treat us, fans like dumb fans by totally ignoring the situation, we here at EER cannot but help feel another Elvis Aircraft fiasco.