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February 25, 2016  -   By Sue L, President, Viva Las Vegas club / Elvis Express Radio
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It appears that Elvis Street names are like buses....you wait and wait for one to come along and suddenly 3 appear on the radar!

Once again, our Las Vegas Elvis Newshound, Sue from the
"Viva Las Vegas! Elvis Presley Fan Club" sent us this additional information after helping EER to be the first Elvis
site to bring fans the REAL information regarding the new renaming of 'Riviera Blvd' to the rightful name, 'Elvis Presley Blvd'.

Sue informs us that Las Vegas actually has three streets named after Elvis and thought our readers / listeners would want to know about them.

How it works...Streets are named by property owners and two did so in northern Las Vegas back in around the year 2000.Once again you can see by the map pictured above the
two dedicated streets, the first being
'Elvis Presley Court', but the second is the more bizarrely named 'Elvis Alive Drive'. Located a few miles from each other near Mt
Charleston. We cannot help but wonder how long will it be before some Elvis Is Alive conspiracy theorist declares that
'Elvis Alive Drive' is PROOF that the big boys in Las Vegas
know Elvis faked his death. Let's be honest, they've come up with much more wafer thin theories lol!

And so to the most recent dedicated street name, a street in the tourist corridor of Las Vegas. Formerly known as 'Riviera Blvd', the street is a connector between Las Vegas Blvd
and Paradise Rd, and has now been renamed 'Elvis Presley Blvd' and this road leads into The Westgate which was originally called the International Hotel & then the Hilton Hotel
during Elvis' time performing in the city from 1969 to 1976.

It may surprise many of you but the government doesn't decide to force street names onto property owners. Someone has to come up with the idea and fulfill all of the requirements
both legally and financially.  For the new
Elvis Presley Boulevard name change it's actually thanks to the Westgate, a property owner near the street (Riviera Blvd), their
application for the name change was actually approved on May 19th 2015.