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February 24, 2016  -   By Sue L, President, Viva Las Vegas club / Elvis Express Radio
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A couple of days ago we reported the news that Las Vegas had at long last dedicated a street to and in honour of Elvis Presley. It's been widely reported that the new name will be
'Elvis Presley Way'. Well, EER has been contacted by our good friend Sue, who is the President of the Viva Las Vegas Elvis Presley Fan Club and it seems that the information
doing the rounds thanks to the publication, 'The Las Vegas Review-Journal' is not exactly correct....even the street name is wrong.

The 'LVR-J' report informs us the new name for the road is 'Elvis Presley Way', however Sue from the LV fan club takes up the story...

ACTUALLY , it is 'Elvis Presley Blvd', and has been that way since May. It's already been officially marked that on the county map. See the map above.

Why didn't Elvis have a major street or boulevard before?
Very simply, no one ever thought of it or stepped up to do the work to name a street after him, or the opportunity did not present itself.  As for myself, I have made my attempt at
honoring Elvis here.  I learned I did not have the resources to follow the policies of street naming according to laws of Clark county. I then tried to get a state memorial highway and
was turned down. The only thing and I and this club were able to do was sponsor the effort and cost to induct Elvis into our Walk of Stars.

How could this street name happen, finally?  
A major reason is with the closure of the classic Riviera Hotel; there would be no protest to changing this street name.  It seems to me that the Westgate thought of this as soon as it
was announced in February 2015 that the Riviera had been sold to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, along with the news that the hotel would be torn down. In my
past investigation, I have discovered that this street renaming procedure takes funding, time, forms, appointments, and meeting several people to obtain approvals.  According to
county law (Title 30), it requires a property owner on a street to suggest a name for that street. No one else can do this.  The Westgate meets that requirement, existing on the
corner of Paradise Rd and Riviera Blvd.  I am grateful that the Westgate had the insight to pay attention to take advantage of this opportunity!

For any of you who might say  “This is long over due. It should have happened a long time ago.” --  That’s easy to say when you haven’t looked into it.  I wonder what effort, if any,
that you have put into seeking this goal. Otherwise, those are just words.  I have taken action and made my attempts for a street and other projects.  With what I have learned, I can
fully appreciate that this is the perfect time for the perfect street. Out of the sadness of the demise of the Riviera comes this golden, happy opportunity by the Westgate to create a
street to honor Elvis within the tourist corridor.  It really doesn’t matter when this happened; all that matters is that we have this now!

STREET NAME CHANGE to rename Riviera Boulevard to Elvis Presley Boulevard in an H-1 (Limited Resort and Apartment) Zone in the MUD-1 Overlay District.Generally
located between Convention Center Drive and Sahara Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard and Paradise Road within Winchester. 6-0 (J.D. Absent)

Current Planning
Subject to Elvis Presley Boulevard.
• Applicant is advised that the developer is responsible for installing street signs to County standards.

Building/Fire Prevention
• Applicant is advised to notify Fire Alarm Office of the street name change at (702) 229-0291.
Here is the link to the video of the process from May 10 2015.  It took all of 20 seconds to approve.