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February 07, 2016 - Arkansas Online  /  Elvis Express Radio
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The ex-wife and daughter of deceased Lee Country Sheriff Harold Ray Presley were arrested last week for allegedly breaking into self-storage units at Palmer’s Mini Storage in
Tupelo, Miss. Charlene Presley, 66; Jada Presley Harrington, 37; and Jada’s husband, Clint Harrington, 39, were charged with burglary of a commercial building.

Police were called to the facility at 1005 E. Main St. around midnight to investigate a possible break-in, according to a source. When they arrived, they found the three suspects
inside a unit rented by Victory Temple Church.

“It definitely was not their unit. They had given a story to officers saying that Ms. Presley had a storage unit there, and she probably did at one time, but that was some time ago.
She did not currently have a storage unit there,” said Tupelo Police Chief Bart Aguirre.

Police are investigating whether the trio might also be involved in theft at other self-storage facilities in the area. Bond was set at $35,000 for each of the suspects.

Jada Presley Harrington was arrested in 2002 on a felony charge of assaulting a Tupelo police officer. She allegedly bit Jimmy McCoy in the upper left thigh when he attempted to
arrest her for disorderly conduct in a restaurant parking lot, a source reported. Her attorneys argued she was defending herself from assault, and two trials ended with hung juries.
Presley Harrington later pleaded guilty to misdemeanor simple assault and resisting arrest. She served 13 months in jail and paid a $750 fine.

As the Lee County sheriff from 1993 to 2001, Harold Ray Presley reached notoriety for stopping drug trafficking in the county. He was killed on July 6, 2001, during a shootout with
a kidnapping suspect. Elvis Presley’s grandfather was his great-uncle.