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By Oscar Underwood
February 06, 2016  The Observer Star /  Elvis Express Radio
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"If Elvis had ended up with Thumper, this whole story might have wound up differently.” — Marty Lacker

I am first and foremost an Elvis fan. With an academic background in history, though, over the past half dozen years, I’ve tried to view Elvis’s life and career with objectivity, as well.
The primary task of a historian is to determine and reflect on what happened, not on what might have happened. Certainly, Presley’s both spectacular and tragic life is full of what
ifs, but I’ve tried to avoid crystal balls, tea leaves, and conspiracy theories as source materials for uncovering Elvis’s life story.

For once, though, I’ve decided to set aside my historical focus on what happened in Elvis’s life and address Presley insider Marty Lacker’s supposition that Elvis’s life may have had
a happier ending had he married Ann-Margret instead of Priscilla.