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January 29, 2016  Various  /  Elvis Express Radio
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You'll no doubt remember a week or so ago, we mentioned the "story" from Country superstar Dwight Yoakam that Elvis contacted Bowie and asked him to produce his next
session. Well there is some more information on this matter.

Marty Lacker, one of Elvis' closest friends told E.E.R: "Lee, If anybody believes that bulshit story that Elvis wanted Bowie to produce an album on him I have some Florida swamp
land I'll sell them. Elvis probably didn't know who Bowie was just as he didn't know who Led Zrpelin was until they came back to his dressing room after seeing one of his
shows.They were not his kind f music. Yoakum had no connection to Elvis either,"

Well, it seems that Dwight Yoakam didn't dream the story because thanks to EIN, we now see that the tall tale of Bowie producing Elvis came from David Bowie HIMSELF..... During
an interview in 2003, Bowie said,
"Presley's manager really liked it (Golden Years), and he played it to Presley - and Presley said, "I really want to sing songs like that. So Parker
sent me a telegram asking me if I'd be interested in producing Elvis. And then Elvis sent me a telegram saying "Good Luck on your next tour. Looking forward to meeting you when
you come back. And it was a couple of years after he died so I never got the chance of actually doing it.  But it was brilliant, I was very, very excited about that"

EIN highlights the following points...
01. There is basically no way that Col Parker would have any idea about Bowie's album 'Station To Station' and the idea he would pass it on to Elvis in January 1976 is ridiculous.

02. Parker only wanted Elvis to record material from his own publishers (so Col would get a cut), so he had his men positively STOP other composers from getting good material to   
03. There is not one record of Bowie's in Graceland's list of his records..

04. There is not one song that Elvis recorded similar to Bowie's compositions and 'Golden Years' would have to be heavily re-arranged for the falsetto to match Elvis' voice.
EIN's thought is that perhaps at the time Bowie co-producer Harry Maslin (or someone similar) ran in to someone at RCA like Felton Jarvis who said "Hey, I like your new Bowie
album. I wish Elvis was recording good songs like those"... and the story got back to Bowie. Under his own admission Bowie was on a cocaine binge at the time and has publicly
stated that he can recall almost nothing of the 'Station To Station' sessions and details of his life around that time.

One thing is certain, David Bowie was a huge Elvis fan, it's just a real shame to learn that he had that annoying tendency to tell B.S. tales making himself out to have something to
do with Elvis in some way.....albeit made up.