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January 29, 2016  Various  /  Elvis Express Radio
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Few musicals have stood the test of time like the movie Grease. The 1970s film about high school kids in the 1950s has made numerous songs standards today, and turned TV’s
John Travolta into a bona fide movie star. But as with most movies, the transition to screen was a long one, and the movie could have looked quite a bit different than it eventually
did as discussed in a recent Vanity Fair.

They stat that Travolta would have never had the chance to shine if Henry ‘The Fonz’ Winkler had wanted the role and in an unbelievable twist Elvis was rumored at one point to be
in the running for the role of Teen Angel. Can fans really imagine Elvis post-1976 appearing in the movie as a bit-part Teen Angel singing "Beauty School Dropout"? In the end the
part would go to 1950’s film star, Frankie Avalon (above). Elvis would in fact pass away during filming.