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January 28, 2016  MRN News  /  Elvis Express Radio
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60 years ago today, Elvis Presley appeared on national television for the first time.

He was a guest on the "Dorsey Brothers Stage Show" on CBS Television. The day before the telecast, RCA released his first 'NEW' single for the label, which was the chart topping
'Heartbreak Hotel' & 'I Was The One'. However, the producers of the Dorsey show didn't like how the song sounded during the rehearsal for the live broadcast, and so they told
Elvis, he was not to allowed to perform it on the show.

Instead of his new single, Elvis, Scotty, Bill and DJ ran through various songs and he finally decided on a couple of R&B numbers.

During the actual broadcast, Elvis was introduced by disc jockey Bill Randle who spoke briefly about filming Elvis for a "movie short" which has yet to be released, filmed in 1955,
the documentary, called 'The Pied Piper Of Cleveland' was about the DJ as he took these music performers around the States and Elvis was filmed performing some of his SUN

After the introduction, Elvis walks out on to the stage and kicks off his journey into the consciousness of America with 'Shake Rattle & Roll / Flip Flop & Fly' and 'I Got A Woman'