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January 08, 2016  EER Newshound / Elvis Express Radio
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It seems the Westgate Elvis exhibit might have had to resort to the ‘Groupon’ discount service in order to try and get the Vegas visitors through the doors ?

I remember I went over to the Westgate three times on various dates last September while in Vegas, the exhibit area was totally dead with not a soul in sight other than the
Westgate staff on duty.

On my third trip over I finally did see some visitors go in there, but only three (and two were wearing Elvis style belts, you know the type, the one's that the media would flock to &
make a joke out of fans), and yes I was there for a while browsing (not spending in) the store and taking pictures as you can see.

The Westgate and Graceland/EPE  insist that this is a permanent exhibition, but from what I saw and if things don't improve soon I suspect that if not now, it will soon be struggling
to survive.

EER newshound signing off...(for now).