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January 08, 2016  EIN / Elvis Express Radio
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The guitar played by Elvis Presley in several concerts through the 1970s and during the historic live satellite broadcast, 'Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii' in 1973 was expected to sell for
between £206,000 to £343,000 (US-$300 - 500,000) at the first Graceland Auction of 2016.

The 1969 Custom Gibson Ebony Dove guitar was auctioned off at the late singer’s home in Graceland, Memphis, Elvis used the guitar many times including in the 1972 MGM
Golden Globe Winning Rockumentary, 'Elvis On Tour'. But the guitar failed to reach it's reserve, topping £180,000 (US-$270,000).only.

The Guitar was offered by a private collector, but passed with a bid of $ 270,000 because it didn't meet the minimum reserve, and therefore was not sold. Hopefully they can make
a deal with Graceland, and that the guitar can be seen on display at Elvis' home where it belongs.