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Heartbroken Elvis fan reaching out after memorabilia lost in storage bid
June 04, 2015 / Various
Val White lost a prized collection and has reached out on social media in hopes of bringing it back.

White spent most of her life amassing a significant collection of Elvis Presley memorabilia. Her burning love for
the late artist meant people would gift her souvenirs, adding to the sentimental value of the collection.  

Her rockabilly swag included items like books, puzzles, records, license plates, lighters, purses, action figures
and clocks—all Elvis themed.

When she moved from her native Grande Prairie to British Columbia four years ago, she put it all into a storage
locker rented by family members.

Unbeknownst to her, they defaulted on rental payments. The delinquency continued for more than a year, until
the locker was sold in August 2014 in an online auction.

When she moved back to Grande Prairie recently she contacted her family to collect her things, but learned her
Elvis artifacts had left the building.

“I had assumed it was all okay and recently... they told me it’s gone,” White said.

She explained that while the monetary value isn’t great, the three totes of trinkets mean a lot to her.
The one-time enthusiast of the Storage Wars television show said she “can’t even stomach” the concept anymore.

“Being on the other side of it is tough... Ultimately it’s my fault, it’s legal, you fall behind and that’s what happens,” she said. “But in this case, I didn’t know anything.”

White said people on Facebook helped her get in touch with the auction site, but it’s so far been to no avail.

“They said it’s ‘unlikely’ they could help me,” she said.

Amos Wiebe, the manager of Storage Pro in Grande Prairie, the former Graceland to White’s Elvis collection, said there isn’t a lot he can do in this situation because he is bound by
confidentiality agreements.

“In Alberta there isn’t a whole lot of laws governing self-storage,” he said.

He explained that he often accommodates people that are upfront about financial hardship as much as he can, but ultimately he has a business to run and needs to get lockers rented.

After a payment is missed, the renter gets 90 and 30 day warnings before a final notice is sent.

“What we do is send out 14 days notice (before a locker goes to online bidding),” he said.

White is unsure if she will see her collection again.

“If the situation were reversed I would not have a hard time reuniting someone with their collection,” she said. “I’m just going one step at a time right now. If someone gives me a call or
let’s me know they know where it is, that would be amazing.”

Anyone with information about the collection can contact White at 780-832-9889.