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June 02nd, 2015 / Brian Quinn & EIN

'If I Can Dream' - Orchestral / Duets - New SONY CD for 2015: Regular E.E.R contributor Brian Quinn reports that the BIG Sony release for 2015 looks to be a brand new Elvis
album "If I Can Dream" which will feature Elvis and other artists, including Michael Buble, remixed with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

For some while SONY has been working on the idea of an Elvis "duets" but were somewhat disappointed with the reception to the Christmas Duets CD from 2008. Perhaps this is their
final re-working of the concept.

There is certainly a potential for high sales figures if the set gets good TV exposure. The UK 'Greatest Hits' compile 'The Nation's Favourite Elvis Song' in 2013 with its associated TV
special after all made #1 in Britain.

Hopefully some more popular recent chart acts will feature in duets. Think how much publicity the recent Lady GaGa / Tony Bennett album received. No cover or anymore info is
available as yet.

The release date is September 2015.

The album was produced by Don Reedman and Grammy nominated Nick Patrick (Gypsy Kings / West Side Story 50th Anniv). The new production sounds totally contemporary with
Elvis' remastered vocal track showing an unbelievable power and control. Engineered at Abbey Road the journalists and engineers present, along with Priscilla, broke into
spontaneous applause upon hearing the new production. The remake of 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' is a case in point where the 2015 orchestra remix supply the song with a brand
new and contemporary ambience. Priscilla has noted that, "Elvis would have loved this new album, because it presents Elvis where he always wanted to be - The best sounding
entertainer on the planet".