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December 30, 2015  -  Tony Stuchbury / Elvis Express Radio
Earlier this month, we reported the news that Elvis' last bought Cadillac was now on display at the famous National Motor Museum at Beaulieu, a popular institution in the United
Kingdom. It was originally auctioned in Las Vegas in 1994 for a bid price of £70,500 (US$104,500) to a private collector. When it became available, Graceland included it in their
auction and the winning bidder was an Elvis fan called Steve Horn.

Steve Horn bought the car as a present for his wife for £54,820 (US$81,250). When asked about the car, the new owner replied: “We wanted to give all of Elvis’s UK fans an
opportunity to see his car and Beaulieu is the perfect location,” Horn said. “We are delighted they could find a space for it.”

This is great for UK fans to be able to visit somewhere of such interest like Beaulieu Motor Museum and to get to see Elvis' last Cadillac up close. E.E.R's newshound Tony
Stuchbury paid a visit to Beaulieu and reports back to us with 2 disappointing points....First of all, as we can see from Tony's pictures, the Caddy is not in the best condition, with
parts looking almost as if it's falling apart.

Second, having Elvis' car on display at Beaulieu could be a really great way to bring Elvis closer to the public, after all, Lady Fiona Montagu, wife of the museum’s founder, Lord
Montagu, is life-long fan of Elvis, as was her husband. Standing next to the car is a life-size cardboard image of Elvis from 1972 and what else? Well they could have something like:
- A Sign giving a brief outline of Elvis' career
- 'King of The Road' A Photo journey looking at some of his many cars through the years
- A run through Elvis' UK No 1 Singles and Albums and other chart facts

You get the idea, but no, there's none of that....what there is though is Two rubber Elvis Style heads hanging on metal stands (see photo) along with sign that does it's best to
encourage visitors to put the rubber Elvis hair on their heads and then takes photo's of themselves for some hilarious pictures to look back on, Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh I can barely contain
myself at the hilarity of the idea...I look forward to visiting myself to dress up and take the proverbial piss out of other famous people who's cars are on display, oh it must be a right
old giggle with all these people dressing up as, Huh, what? Ah, I see, so the ONLY car that gives visitors the chance to poke fun at the famous owner is Elvis'!

How disappointing to know that the museum owner is an Elvis fan and allows this to go on, but we do have to wonder if the owner of the car who is also a fan is aware of the invite
for visitors to put a rubber Elvis quiff on their heads and act like demented IMPS as they pose for that "hilarious" photo opp? As Tony points out to us, the new owner of Elvis' last
Cadillac is Steve Horn, who runs the EPE sanctioned IMP contest in Blackpool each year plus the new Texas Elvis IMP contest, so encouraging people to dress up as caricatures is
seemingly ok? What a shame, the Elvis display at the UK's National Motor Museum at Beaulieu could have been something really neat.

So Tony, did you get the urge to put on the rubber heads and pose like umm, "Elvis"?
Tony replied: What do you think? NOT A CHANCE!