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December 24, 2015  -  Tony Stuchbury / Elvis Express Radio
Through the new Gates of Graceland Web Series, EPE explore many different facets of Elvis’ life and career, his beloved Graceland home and his ongoing legacy and impact on
the world. The series will include Elvis stories from people who knew the legend and interview people who were influenced by his work.

In the latest edition of 'The Gates of Graceland' which takes a look at Elvis and Christmas, we see Director of Archives Angie Marchese is joined by Director of Public Relations,
Kevin Kern. Now, the last time I saw Mr Kern, he was on UK television telling viewers all about "the 1976 film, That's The Way It Is, excuse me, the 1969 film, That's The Way It Is", of
course, the year for this movie was 1970, but I am sure there would be no such screw ups this time? This time there is a script and Kevin is joined by Angie the archivist.

Well, sadly there is a rather glaring cock-up on this latest edition and that's when Angie and Kevin are talking about Elvis' first festive offering, Elvis' Christmas Album from 1957,
they go on to talk about how the album is a big seller and in fact is the only Elvis album to receive a Diamond Award.......We're then shown that award along with the dedicated
plaque describing the award.

OK, so what's wrong with any of this?

Dear EPE, Simply put, Elvis NEVER got a Diamond Award for his original 1957 Christmas album as you suggest in your latest Gates Of GRACELAND video blog.
Actually, Elvis' Christmas Album released in 1957 has sold around 3 Million copies in the USA, but then again it's pretty obvious that it's Elvis' Christmas Album from 1970 releases
by RCA Camden and Pickwick that has the Diamond Award and before you ask, the clue is actually on the award itself, just take a look below.

Elvis was presented the Diamond Award in recognition of Elvis' Christmas Album released by RCA Camden and Pickwick in 1970 for U.S. Sales exceeding 10 Million copies.