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A few weeks back now, we announced on our show that enough material had been recorded at Abbey Road Studios between 2013 & 2014 to release at least one more album of
Philharmonic works, and upon thinking of which songs could be left and we both said at the same time.... 'I'm Leavin' (lets hope). After all, this excellent song (written by EER friend
Michael Jarrett), was well loved by Elvis and for the first time in a while both he and RCA had high expectations for this song to become a BIG HIT for him. So it's long overdue and
would be no doubt a touching tribute.

But a follow up album is just the start if Priscilla has anything to say? Elvis' Ex-Wife has announced that she has plans for a series of similar albums to keep Elvis moving with the
times but keeping his amazing voice pure as it should but also by giving Elvis' music the attention it rightly deserves. As Priscilla made us aware earlier this month, Elvis felt that he
was never taken seriously through his music, something which she hopes will change with these new albums.

Priscilla shared a memory regarding one occasion when he felt they did not take him seriously,
"I'll never forget walking out of the studio with him after he'd approved of how
something should sound and told no one to touch the recording. Then we'd hear the song on the radio and he'd freak out because it had been changed and his voice was way out

During the very same interview, Priscilla also commented that she does not want to ever see Elvis used as a hologram in order to take Elvis Concerts on World Tours etc! She said
that agreeing to using Elvis' image for Hologram Concerts would be demeaning to Elvis and his legacy? This from the same person who authorises IMPS, who authorises Elvis
Halloween outfits, who authorises Elvis-Frickin' Potato Heads and other tacky crap! (E.E.R adds: So according to Priscilla, an Elvis Hologram performing his classic recordings on
stage entertaining his fans around the world is far more demeaning than some IMP wearing a Halloween costume while playing with a poxy Potato Head).

So what about those fans who have attacked the 'IF I CAN DREAM' album? Priscilla says,
"On these new albums we're not changing anything, we're embellishing. And we're not
forcing it on anyone, the old songs exist. Here's something new to try, if you want to."
She continues, "Elvis' image is a very precious thing to protect. For now we're concentrating
on these overdub albums, and it's something I'm proud of because it allows Elvis to do what he always wanted. I would love to be able to expose Elvis as the great artist he was. He
was never appreciated for what he was. And I'm still here, fighting in his corner"
December 23, 2015  -  Various / Elvis Express Radio
EER mock-up for the Royal Philharmonic follow up album.
We believe I'm Leavin' would be an even greater recording with a new modern sound.