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December 19, 2015  -   Elvis Express Radio
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Back in January 2015, a 1953 acetate disc featuring "My Happiness" and "That's When Your Heartaches Begin", the very first recording made by an 18 year old Elvis for $4.00 at
the Memphis Record Service sold at auction for a whopping $300,000 to "an undisclosed buyer."

It eventually turned out that the secret bidder wasn't just any old deep-pocketed Elvis fan: Jack White revealed that it was his winning bid that landed the vintage 10-inch recording,
and that he planned to release a reproduction 10" vinyl and taking a direct transfer of the recordings for the American Record Store Day. The label also announced they would be
issuing a 7" vinyl record in the mainstream after the record store day title.

Now, the record has been released (pictured it) as a reproduction SUN Record and now includes "My Happiness" and "That's When Your Heartaches Begin" all cleaned up.
However, it has been brought to our attention that several fans on message-boards are adamant that this new 7" vinyl 45 is a bootleg? Some are arguing that it cannot be an
authorised release because of they are using the legendary SUN Records label. Even after our very own Joe had explained things to some of these folks, they were still adamant
that these 7" vinyl SUN records by Third Man Records were bootlegs?

Well, Elvis Express Radio can assure those in doubt that the new 7" vinyl from Third Man Records, complete with SUN label and containing 'My Happiness' & 'Thats When Your
Heartaches Begin' is 100% authentic and legal. First of all, we asked the Elvis vinyl Guru, Jerry Osbourne for his opinion and that was simply that these are NOT bootlegs. We also
sent a message to Third Man Records who have confirmed what we've been saying that the new Elvis 7" vinyl is a fully licenced release and forms part of the labels continuing
series of SUN Record releases which include other SUN artists such as Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, The Prisonaires and other legends of the Memphis label.

So, for those out there who's only reason for not buying this release is because you "THINK" it's a boot, well now you don't have a reason. You can buy a copy direct from
Man Records or pick one up from Amazon
2015 saw Third Man Records release a reproduction/direct transfer of Elvis' first 10" personal recording from 1953 (left)
Now as 2015 closes, Third Man Records release a repro SUN 7" vinyl (right) all cleaned up and available now.