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December 15, 2015  -  Email  /  Elvis Express Radio
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A few days ago, we reported news about the release of an 8 disc set focusing on Elvis' critically acclaimed performances from the rehearsals from July & August 1970. Now less than
a week later, we can bring you news of yet another 8 disc set focusing on the same rehearsals.

'That’s The Way It Is – Studio and Stage Rehearsals' is another import box-set. Unlike the previous 8 disc box, this release has a label name, 'The New International', which does
have a neat looking box, but as yet the rest of the design is still to be seen.

Do you buy this release or the previous release? Well that's the big question, but until we start to see some independent reviews, or of course the people behind the issues want to
send us a copy each for us to decide, we just do not know what one will be the winner. But the other thing we should point out is that this particular release is nothing to do with the
previous 'Internationale' label who released the amazing 'Thats The Way It Is - The Complete Works' back in 2009.

From 'The New International' Press release ...
This 8-CD + dual layer DVD plus Book will contain everything from these rehearsals. Finally, you are getting these rehearsals uncut, straight from actual tapes, which have not been
used before in full. All rehearsals including the August 4th, 7th and 10th rehearsals are now presented more complete than before. The dual layer DVD contains all rehearsal
footage shot, including new footage. Count on at least 20 minutes of footage that will surprise even hardcore fans!

You deserve the best, and International’s version is the definitive version and the final word on these rehearsals. The box set includes a 250+ page book stuffed with both known as
well as many rare shots, many of them in color, including a few from August 10th that will knock your socks off!! … 300 photos in all, many of them sourced from the actual negatives.
The book contains an in-depth text on these rehearsals, written with authority by one of the leading Elvis experts. The text will give you various new details and insights. Also added
are several reproductions of original TTWII souvenirs. The set is housed in a beautiful slipcase cover.

This project has been two years in the making and all the audio and footage have been newly remastered using the latest technology… a real audio / visual treat, made by real fans
for the fans. For now, enjoy this spectacular new set, lovingly researched and compiled from the actual sources, containing more material than before, and remastered with expertise
for the best sound possible… a true winner.

Expected Release Date: January / February 2016.