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December 15, 2015  -  Email  /  Elvis Express Radio
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Live on UK TV this morning (Tuesday 15th December), Priscilla was presented with her very own personal UK BPI Award to mark over half-a-million units sold of the UK Number 1
album, 'IF I CAN DREAM' which brought together the King, Elvis with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and has so far reached Platinum status (at this point).

Below is what is engraved on the awards plate:
                    Presented To:

To recognise sales in the United Kingdom
       in excess of 500,000 copies of
  Elvis Presley's  12th  UK No. 1 album

             'IF I CAN DREAM'

Now that we see Priscilla has been presented with the award, but where is the award for Elvis? Is that one still yet to be awarded???
Yes, Priscilla played the part of the albums 'Executive Producer' In recorded music, the executive producer is responsible for business decisions and more recently, organizing the
recordings along with the Producer (who actually produces the music). Sometimes the executive producer will enable the creative visions of featured artists by managing where and
when to record, selection and approval of sound engineers or session musicians.

Any longtime listeners of our show will know that there is no love for Priscilla on my part, but I will certainly say well done to her for all the work she has done in promoting the album
and helping bring Elvis to the forefront in the UK once again. But at the end of the day, it's the amazing and unique voice of Elvis Presley which pulled the public to buy the album, so
I certainly hope, no, expect to see Gold, Platinum awards presented to EPE in Elvis' name and see them on display in Graceland soon.......But NO, Priscilla should NOT hang her
award in Graceland, that belongs in her own home.