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December 14, 2015  -  Email  /  Elvis Express Radio
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Just when you thought they had said it all......the're back! The Stanley's "New" book, 'Elvis: Our Brother - From the Moments of Glory, To the Tragic Demise' will be the latest
book of tales by the boys who could boast at being the one time step brothers of Elvis Presley, Billy, Ricky and David Stanley.

This latest book is set for release on August 16th 2016 and so far the pre-promotion states: "Stepbrothers to Elvis Presley Billy, Ricky and David Stanley share the inside untold
story of growing up in rock & rolls first family."

Now then, we here at E.E.R would like to highlight the following part of the promotion,
"share the inside untold story" ??? Is there REALLY any part of the "inside" story that
remains untold by the Stanley family? They have all had their fair share of Elvis books published over the years starting with the disturbing 1981 book,
'Elvis: We Love You
, written by Dee Stanley and her three Sons. In the book, Dee blamed anything and everything on Elvis. When Dee had the accusation thrown at her for exploiting Elvis'
name by coming out with her nasty stories for her own personal gain. She coldly replied with
'How could I exploit it any more than it has already been exploited? And besides, we all
gave our lives to Elvis. Now maybe we're just trying to take a little something back'

Books from the Stanley family over the years
'Elvis, We Love You Tender' by Dee, David, Billy & Ricky Stanley
'Elvis, My Brother' by Billy Stanley
'Caught in a Trap: Elvis Presley's Tragic Lifelong Search for Love' by Ricky Stanley
'Life With Elvis' by David Stanley
The Elvis Encyclopedia by David Stanley
'Raised On Rock' by David Stanley
“Conversations With the King: Journals of a Young Apprentice,” by David Stanley

Unpublished Work:
'The Intimate Life & Death of Elvis' by Dee [Presley] Stanley
The utterly disgusting piece of tabloid crap which Stanley tried to prostitute but never picked up by a publisher. She tried to self publish online just prior to her death but Elvis
Express Radio were successful in getting the book pulled and filed under trash. Stanley made such claims as 'Elvis had homosexual affairs', 'Elvis committed suicide' and other totally
fabricated tales with the worst being claims that Elvis and his mother had a sexual relationship together.

DVD Productions
'Protecting The King' (Movie) by David Stanley
'A Ride To Remember' (DVD) by Billy Stanley

And now after all the above, not sure if I've missed any out? The next book is 'Elvis: Our Brother From the Moments of Glory, To the Tragic Demise' by Billy, Ricky and David Stanley,
the question that Elvis Express Radio wants to ask is..."What else have this lot got to say? I think I will wait for the bargain bin before I buy!"