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December 12, 2015  -  Email  /  Elvis Express Radio
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Follow That Dream records & Sony Music are reportedly very unhappy with the new 3 CD Import (Bootleg) release 'Come Along with Frankie And Johnny'.

FTD released the Classic 7" Edition of 'Frankie And Johnny' back in 2002 as a single 1 CD release featuring 27 tracks, 12 of which are the original album line-up. Of course, this  
particular release from FTD should really have had a 2nd disc, but it didn't and it looks like FTD / Sony are somewhat annoyed that once again they've been pipped to the post on
something the should have done 13 years ago.

But for us, the main question is why this bootleg? After all, it's 'Frankie and Johnny', what is it about this set that has caused FTD / Sony to throw such a fit? Your guess is as good
as ours, but maybe FTD were close to upgrading the 'Frankie and Johnny' release as a 2 CD set and include all these outtakes?

BUT THEN AGAIN.....Maybe FTD / Sony really don't give much of a damn about this limited produced release and it's just some cheap attempt by the makers to get fans to snap up
the copies while they still can????

Or am I just being an old sceptic?