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December 07, 2015  -  Tony Stuchbury  /  Elvis Express Radio
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Last week we featured a news item regarding next years movie 'Elvis & Nixon'. The film will be focusing on December 21st 1970 when Elvis arrived at the White House in order to visit
the man considered to be the most powerful man in the world, the then American President, Richard Nixon. Elvis wanted to be granted permission to be a federal agent and to assist
in the battle against drugs. The movie 'Elvis & Nixon' shows what happened during this intimate moment in the Oval Office.

Anyway, as we know, the TRUTH is that Elvis was not alone at this historic meeting, but was with 2 of his close friends and aides, Sonny West and Jerry Schilling, but by the looks of
things, this new movie will be editing out any mention of Sonny West. You may have read another Elvis friend and aide, Marty Lacker, who rightly stood up for Sonny West and his
omission from this historic moment. Lacker said.
"Reading your story about Elvis & Nixon pisses me off to see, once again, the injustice being done to Sonny West by Jerry Schilling
and EPE. Because Priscilla the bitch has a problem with those of us that don't kiss her ass, her mandate to her stooges is to not mention some of us. Sonny is aware of this slight to
him and in fact mentioned it to me just the other day.  Sonny always does the right thing and includes Schilling when talking about that day."
Marty Lacker also went on to mention  
the following regarding Jerry Schilling,
" I mentioned his being the culprit because he's listed as a consultant on the movie and represents EPE."

Well, Sonny West may have always done the right thing by including Schilling when talking about the Elvis & Nixon meeting, but as we've now been shown by one of our long time
listeners and regular contributors Tony Stuchbury, it seems that many years ago Sonny West chose to follows Schilling & EPE's lead.

Tony tells his story...
Further to what was said on this weeks show regarding Sonny West not even getting a mention from the ‘official’ we kiss Cilla’s ass crew. I agree with what Marty and Sonny say on
this, especially as I had a personal exchange with Sonny about this myself.

Back in 1987, 18th August to be precise, Sonny was at Pride Park in Derby doing an event, this was the second time I’d personally met him and after he signed a picture for me I was
leaving his table and turned to a friend as others were now talking to Sonny and getting autographed pictures. I said to my friend, “hey look, invisible Schilling on this picture” and
laughed” (see images above), it was at this point Sonny stood up from his chair to raise his ahead above the people now in front of him at his desk to shout over “yeah, just like he
leaves me out of everything whenever he talks about the meeting”. “Good for you” I said and smiled at him, he smiled back and then sat back down to continue greeting the masses.
It’s good to know that sometimes you do have to play ‘tit for tat’ with and against Cilla’s kiss-ass crew.
December 07, 2015  -  Tony Stuchbury  /  Elvis Express Radio