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December 04, 2015  -   Elvis Express Radio
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As we look down the cast line up for the 2016 movie, 'Elvis & Nixon' starring Kevin Spacey as Tricky Dickie and Michael Shannon as Elvis, we can see that one of Elvis' long time
friends Jerry Schilling is being played in the movie, after all, Jerry was there that day and also met Nixon in the Oval Office with Elvis.

But so did another of Elvis' long time buddies. Marty Lacker has his say....
Reading your story about Elvis & Nixon pisses me off to see, once again, the injustice being done to
Sonny West by Jerry Schilling and EPE.  Sonny was present and just as prominent as Schilling that day at the White House and should have been included in that movie  but
because Priscilla the bitch has a problem with those of us that don't kiss her ass, her mandate to her stooges is to not mention some of us.  Even in his quest to recover from his
terrible medical problems Sonny is aware of this slight to him and in fact mentioned it to me just the other day.  Sonny always does the right thing and includes Schilling when talking
about that day.

So, if the makers of the film have indeed chosen to omit one of the 2 surviving people who were with Elvis on this historical day before, during and after the meeting, just how much
are we to expect the TRUTH regarding this strange, but real meeting between the U.S. President and the music King?

Marty Lacker adds:
Let me also add to what I previously stated about Schilling and the Nixon movie, I mentioned his being the culprit because he's listed as a consultant on the
movie and represents EPE.  BTW, the guy they have playing Elvis looks more like Ichabod Crane than Elvis from the pictures I've seen of scenes from the movie.
The Meeting: Richard Nixon. Sonny West, Jerry Schilling & Elvis Presley
But are parts of history being airbrushed out?