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December 03, 2015  -  ELVIS FILES / Elvis Express Radio
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'The Elvis Files Vol. 7 1974-1975' "OUT NOW":

The long wait for the publication of 'Elvis Files Volume 7' is at last over. The book is back from the printers and will be posted out in the next few days.

Elvis Files creator, Erik Lorentzen states... "Fans will be very impressed with all the great photos. I was fortunate to attend several of the shows featured in the book, and working on
them brought back a lot of great memories."

The seventh volume of the Elvis Files story chronicles Elvis' years on tour through the USA, the Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe seasons..

All ELVIS EVENTS in this Time Frame 1974-1975 are shown
- Every Working Moment...
- The Mid-Seventies Tours
- The Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe Seasons
- Plenty of CANDID Moments
- The Recording Sessions
- Previously Unpublished Photos.

Go HERE to order 'Elvis Files Vol 7'

                                              THE ELVIS FILES WILL RETURN..... The Elvis Files Vol. 8, 1976-1977, (Early 2016)