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The Son of Ricky Nelson claims the Elvis estate keep Nelson out of inaugural class of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
November 23, 2015  -  Las Vegas Journal / Elvis Express Radio
Matthew Nelson, the son of the late Ricky Nelsom claims the Elvis Presley estate demanded the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame were not to induct his dad, during the inauguration, of
the Hall back in 1986? Nelson claims that the reason was out of an old "frienemy" rivalry that he says Elvis and his father had?

"I was there with him in 1985 when they announced the first inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame," Nelson said. (E.E.R ads: The first Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction
Ceremony took place in the Waldorf-Astoria's Grand Ballroom in New York City on January 23, 1986. However, Ricky Nelson sadly died on December 31, 1985 aged 45. Almost one
month prior to the inaugural ceremony.)

"He took it in stride. He went, 'OK,'" Matthew Nelson recalled. "The man sold 285 million singles in his life. He was in the all-time top five selling recording artists at the time".

"I found out later the reason why he wasn't inducted the first year is because the Elvis estate insisted he wasn't inducted the first year, and said, 'If you induct Ricky Nelson with
Elvis, we're not going to give you any memorabilia or mention his name.'"

As you can imagine, the Elvis estate denied this in an email to me on Monday:

"Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE) was never in a position to influence any decision ever made by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, has never been involved in Hall
of Fame voting and would never block anyone. Ricky Nelson was a friend of Elvis' and EPE is proud to have had, and continues to have, a warm and friendly
relationship with his children over many years, at one time representing the Nelson estate for licensing."

Ricky Nelson was inducted into the Hall of Fame the second year, but he didn't live to see it, because he died in a plane crash at age 45 on Dec. 31, 1985.

Matthew Nelson says his dad and Elvis were frenemies,
"they loved each other, because dad was the only guy who gave Elvis a run for his money in the 1950s and early '60s".

So, who told Nelson about this Hall of Fame & EPE claim?

"I can't say. Let's just say it was somebody very much on the inside," he said. "By the way, I love those people. I really consider our family very friendly with the Presley's. He was,
and always will be, the king of rock and roll. I'm a huge Elvis fan."

Now then, we here at E.E.R like a bit of Ricky Nelson every now and then, but was he really, as his son claims, the "only guy" who rivalled Elvis' success in the 1950's and 60's?
Let's take a look at how Elvis Presley and Ricky Nelson compare with just a few U.S. Billboard Chart States during their lifetimes.
U.S. #1s
Singles = 18
Albums = 9

TOP 10
Singles = 23
Albums = 14

TOP 40
Singles = 64
Albums = 19
U.S. #1s
Singles = 2
Albums = 1

TOP 10
Singles = 17
Albums = 2

TOP 40
Singles = 13
Albums = 7
Elvis Presley
Buddy Holly
Chuck Berry
Fats Domino
James Brown
Jerry Lee Lewis
Ray Charles
Sam Cooke
The Everly Brothers
Little Richard
Aretha Franklin
B.B. King Big
Joe Turner
Bill Haley
Bo Diddley
Carl Perkins
Clyde McPhatter
Eddie Cochran
Jackie Wilson
The Coasters
Marvin Gaye
Ricky Nelson
Roy Orbison
Smokey Robinson
Muddy Waters
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