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Man claims disorder caused him to steal Elvis memorabilia from himself
November 20, 2015  -  Leigh Valley Live / Elvis Express Radio
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Elvis did not leave the building.

And that's what got Herbert Stewart into trouble.

The 54-year-old Bethlehem Township, Pennsylvania, man filed an insurance claim on Nov. 18 saying $6,900 worth of Elvis records, pictures and other memorabilia were stolen
during a burglary at his home, court records filed by police say.

But the items were actually in his closet the whole time, according to his attorney.

Stewart's attorney, Brett J. Riegel, said Stewart suffers from multiple personality disorder. In this case, one of his personalities was the thief and the other was the victim.

Stewart pleaded guilty to insurance fraud and was sentenced Friday to six months of probation by Northampton County Judge Stephen Baratta.

The probation will help authorities make sure Stewart follows through with mental health treatment and takes his medication.

Baratta told Stewart to try to let go of the "thief" personality.

"Stop listening to the other guy. Alright?" he asked.

Riegel said Stewart has for the most part been able to keep his disorder under control. He blamed his latest infraction on a less-than-effective mix of medications.

"I don't think the cocktail was as effective as we hoped," Riegel said.