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November 07, 2015  -  Elvis Express Radio
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You know, everytime some new project gets announced like the Viva Elvis album or the current If I Can Dream album, we hear the cries that it's going to be crap and pointless Elvis
would have hated it? Also, if there is a real effort to promote said projects, they are mostly successful here in the UK and also around the world.

These nay-sayers would also deny that such projects do nothing to attract new fans by increasing their interest in Elvis' catalogue of music? And yet here we have some great news
for Elvis and his continuing legend.

With 'IF I CAN DREAM' being a smash hit album here in the UK, Elvis is sitting with not only his 12th Number One, but also with the 2nd fastest selling album of the year!

So, apart from a brand new No.1 Album, we see that all the media hype and publicity (including the excellent Joanna Lumley documentary) we see that music fans have been
seeking out other Elvis albums (compilations) to experience.

Elvis has the following NEW entries on the Official UK Albums 'Streaming' Chart.:

# 53 - Elvis 75 - Good Rockin' Tonight

# 59 - Artist Of The Century

# 68 - If I Can Dream

# 76 - ELV1S 30 No.1 Hits

# 87 - I Am An Elvis Fan

# 89 - The Perfect Elvis Presley Collection

# 91 - Best Of Artist Of The Century