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November 06, 2015  -  Elvis Express Radio
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Here at Elvis Express Radio, we encourage our listeners/readers to take part by sending in their thoughts on the comings and goings of the Elvis World which we then read out on
the show. But every now and then, we get such a heartfelt letter that we just have to share it here on the main site.

The following letter was sent into us by Annemarie from Cape Town in South Africa and as she explains, she is becoming alarmed at how the focus of EPE is becoming less and
less about ELVIS the entertainer, the man, the legend and more about GRACELAND itself....

Hi Lee & Joe, thanks for all the fantastic shows.
Lately I got riled up again over old news in the Elvis World. And where else can I go to air my views, but to EER?

Now, it is that time of year again when Fan clubs have to renew their agreements with EPE. Our club always concedes to the rules and regulations set out by EPE as some fans do
visit the "official" site in search of a club to join.

What got me really rankled, though, was the reminder that since 'Authentic Brands Group LLC' [ABG] took over the reins at EPE, I had unwittingly become a fan of a house. True
story. I kid you not. I was devastated. Convinced that I was still an Elvis fan, I wrote EPE to set the record straight.

Of course to no avail. ABG had spoken. At the time I was also an 'ELVIS INSIDER', and, yes, in addition, I had seemingly become an Insider of a DWELLING also. Wow!

As you can imagine, after having been an ELVIS fan for a long time, it was kind of a HUGE let down. So I quit the Insider business. Cold turkey. I have to keep hanging on to a
home, though, for the sake of my club, I  which WILL stay an ELVIS club. But it does annoy the blazes out of me every time I have to communicate with a residence...

"Hiya, Graceland, I LUUUV you, I WAAANT you, I wanna DAAATE you"; Can you believe that?

And what has become of www.elvis.com? When I click on the link at Google and Graceland.com, I get the following message: "The page cannot be displayed because an internal
server error has occurred." Is Elvis.com now history?
(EER Adds: We can confirm that when www.elvis.com is typed into a browser, you are taken direct to SHOP ELVIS. So the only
"OFFICIAL" Elvis website now is www.graceland.com and the direct shop link from this URL is www.shop.graceland.com. Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis has officially left the Internet.)
Is it all about bricks and mortar now, with Elvis Presley as an after thought, in small print? I do not understand!

Okay, yes, I do - the new generation, the future, the big bucks, blah blah, blah blah. Why, but WHY? People DO still become ELVIS fans, don't they, or are they now converting in
droves into mansion fans? Come to think of it, I wonder what is happening to ABG and their Muhammad Ali brand?

Hopefully his admirers haven't overnight had to turn into dedicated fans of boxing gloves???

Keep playin' them records, guys! Kind regards, Annemarie. Location = Cape Town, South Africa