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November 04, 2015  -  Elvis Express Radio
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Unless you've been under a rock, everyone knows that 'If I Can Dream: Elvis with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra' is the new album which is looking set to be a top seller
around the world.

The UK album not only has a completely different artwork for it's cover, but the Duluxe vinyl box set features 3 bonus tracks on both the 12" double vinyl album and the CD included
inside the box, not available elsewhere? Or are they?

With the U.S. release of the stand alone album (available through Amazon.com) containing the standard 14 tracks, news that Walmart and Target were selling "EXCLUSIVE" editions
seem to indicate that these special "Exclusive" versions would include an extra 15th track each? And as
'What Now My Love' was featured on the USPS CD, the Walmart and
Target one's would surly contain 'Anything That's Part Of You' and 'Heartbreak Hotel'?
So, do these so called "EXCLUSIVE" store specials contain these bonus tracks or some other "Exclusive" content?

Elvis Express Radio's longtime listener/supporter, Tony King contacted us with news of what the Walmart and Target Explosives are all about....."NOTHING!"

That's right, believe it or not, it seems that the Walmart Exclusive and the Target Exclusive editions have 14 tracks each and nothing that differs. In fact this is the exact message
that was sent from Tony.
"Just letting you know that the so called Exclusive Wal Mart and Target Philharmonic CD's have nothing extra. Just the USA CD as is. They are just being
sold exclusively at those stores. No Bonus Tracks...very misleading."

So is that what the "Exclusive" bit is all about? The U.S. CD of the album is only available through Walmart and Target? But then surly "Exclusive" would mean only available
through one of those stores right? - You'd think!

Upon a little investigation, Tony found that the very same "EXCLUSIVE" CD is not only available from Walmart and Target but also from Best Buy, as well as Amazon.com and of
course Shop Elvis. In other words there's NOTHING "EXCLUSIVE" what-so-ever about any of the store claims.