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October 31, 2015 -  Elvis Express Radio
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When news of that rare WHBQ acetate featuring what was being hailed as a previously unreleased & previously UNKNOWN recording of "SUSPICION" which was recorded  by Elvis
at least three years before the established recording was released as a single, fans around the world started to get a little excited at the news but could it really be some unknown
early recording of the song??? Well, errm, NO!

Aston’s Auctioneers estimate the 78rpm record will fetch around £12,000 or 16.700 Euro, but admit the slice of vinyl history could go for much, much more? They made the audio
available to hear online which proved beyond any doubt that the record featured nothing out of the ordinary, just the same old master recording that we all know.

The news of this not so extraordinary acetate soon spread and Elvis forums began spreading the news. A member of the Aston's team sort information via these forums but sadly
they were confronted with rude, aggressive fans and came away thinking very little of Elvis fans in general.

BUT, E.E.R's roving news hound, Tony Stuchbury contacted Aston's Auctioneers by telephone and wound up speaking with one of the companies top men, Steve Kennedy. After a
40 minute conversation with Tony explaining the whole recording issue and giving advise on what the disc might or might not be, we here at E.E.R are so very pleased to announce
that Aston's have done what Steve Kennedy promised and now they have rectified the listing which is now much more accurate in our opinion.

Elvis Presley 12 inch Acetate for "Suspicion". This WHBQ Radio station acetate from Memphis, Tennessee hails from the radio station where disc jockey Dewey Phillips played the
first Elvis Presley recording Thats Alright Mama in 1954. This extremely rare acetate is on a metal disc and plays at 78 RPM. On the reverse of the acetate are the two holes with the
second being for locking the disc whilst cutting the acetate proving this to be a genuine WHBQ radio station acetate.

On this reverse side is a WHBQ radio station advertisement for the Ray Charles concert in Memphis on Sunday August 20th 1961. Variety magazine reported on August 23rd 1961
"History was made in Memphis Sunday 20th when for the first time an integrated audience attended the all-negro Ray Charles show...This was the first time, moreover that the FOR
COLORED ONLY banner in front of the ladies restrooms was taboo during a performance at Ellis auditorium" "Suspicion" was a great favourite of Elvis Presley as it enabled him to
showcase his wide vocal range. "Suspicion" was first released in the US on the LP "Pot Luck" in June 1962 with the recording session for "Suspicion" documented as taking place on
March 19th 1962 together with the other Doc Pomus track "Shes not you" on the same date later to be released as a single in 1962.

Suspicion for some reason was not chosen as a single for release at this time from the album. The date of the recording of "Suspicion" on this acetate is not known but one would
think that it is the one from March 19th 1962 most probably. The only date we do know for sure from this acetate is the date August 20th 1961 which is recorded by the WHBQ disc
jockey on the Ray Charles advert from WHBQ for the concert and ticket sales for the concert on that date. Interestingly we do not know for sure why the single Suspicion should be
on this WHBQ radio station acetate. Whether the station were plugging the track we do not know. It raises interesting questions which we do not know the answers to - a fascinating
piece of history. This lot is accompanied with a professionally recorded CD of the recording "Suspicion" from side 1 and also the recording of the advert for the Ray Charles concert
with the Raelettes at Ellis Auditorium on Sunday August 20th 1961 from side 2. The condition of the acetate is poor to fair and there is an audio recording which you can listen to
which does have audible scratches. This is an opportunity to acquire a one of a kind piece of history for Elvis Presley and his links with WHBQ Radio. We have not seen another
WHBQ Elvis acetate and do not know anyone who has despite best efforts so we can not throw any more light on the subject save to say it is a rare find and a true piece of Elvis