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October 27, 2015 - The Guardian / Elvis Express Radio
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The King and the Voice met on a film set in 1960s and became mutual admirers. Now the Welsh singer pays tribute to his friend with a song from his latest album  
Long Lost Suitcase.

At the height of Tom Jones’s notoriety, besieged by knickers at every turn, the Welsh star was flanked either side by two of music’s most famous figures. “Frank
Sinatra thought I should sing standards. ‘That’s what I want to hear from you,’” Jones told the Guardian recently. “Meanwhile, I had Elvis saying, “Don’t go there. Not
standards. Leave that to Sinatra.” I was in the middle. I tried not to be too dizzied by it all.”

It is his friendship with Elvis, whom he met in 1965 when the King was filming Paradise, Hawaiian Style, that he celebrates on his latest album, Long Lost Suitcase. It
is a companion album to Jones’s autobiography, Over the Top and Back.

Below is the video premiere of the sparse and atmospheric video for Elvis Presley Blues, written by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. Watch the video and let us
know what you think.