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October 12th 2015

Last week, The Elvis Exhibition at the O2 hosted the UK’s first official playback of the brand new
Elvis album ‘If I Can Dream’ with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

The venue could not have been more perfect. Iconic shots of Elvis were plastered around the
walls as the room transformed to accommodate swanky leather sofas and chairs, all of which
surrounded the main projection screen.
Atmospherically lit by blue spotlights, the playback began with an introduction from our own
Olivia Walker, who expressed what a rarity it was to be working on a new Elvis album.

This led nicely into a 2 minute presentation which showcased The Royal Philharmonic
Orchestra working on the tracks and included snippets from Michael Bublé, who features on the
album, Priscilla Presley, and producers Nick Patrick and Don Reedman.
The room quickly turned silent as the upbeat riff of “Burning Love” ripped through the speakers
to a slideshow of Elvis images. The energy and emotion that passed through the room was
undeniable.  We were then treated to a further six tracks, “Love Me Tender”, “Fever (with
Michael Bublé”), “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, “Steamroller Blues”, “An American Trilogy” and
“If I Can Dream”.

Elvis If I Can Dream with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, is not just an album that Elvis would
have loved to make, but it is an album that showcases his iconic material in a new way, which
can, and was enjoyed by long-time Elvis fans and those who are just hearing him for the very
first time.

Listen to ‘If I Can Dream’ below, and find out more about the album
here. You can pre-order
your copy on
Amazon now.