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October 06, 2015 - Elvis Express Radio
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The King of Rock's glitzy gold leaf piano is up for sale at a rock n' roll themed auction in Beverley Hills, California.

Would you like to own the King of Rock's very bling piano? It will probably set you back around $700,000 (£458,302) - which is its predicted sale value at a rock 'n' roll themed
auction in Beverly Hills.

Elvis Presley's gold-leaf grand piano is maybe one of the world's most luxurious musical instruments, and it is going under the hammer on the 7th of November.

The rock icon played the shining instrument inside the music room at his Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee.

Manufactured by Piano & Organ Company in 1928, the grand piano was originally white and was referred to as the “world's largest grand”. The piano's first owner was the Memphis
Auditorium which later sold it on to the O.K. Houck Company, which owned it up until 1955, when Elvis purchased it for his Mother. By this time, the piano's finish was now in walnut,
but this wasn't good enough for the King. So, in 1968 it was decorated in 24K gold-leaf finish by Presley's EX-wife, Priscilla, who had it done as a first wedding anniversary present.

The gold piano remained at Graceland until the early 1970's when Elvis gave it to his Aunt Nash to use in her church. After Elvis' death, it was discovered that the piano was owned
by Andrew Marsh who initially offered to loan the piano to Graceland to put on display, but it's rumoured that EPE turned down the offer after a deal between the owner and the
estate could not be reached.

It's a shame that the piano which started it's musical journey in Memphis back in 1928 could not remain in the City, but what would be Memphis' loss became Nashville's gain after
Andrew Marsh struck a deal in 1991 where Elvis' 24K Gold Piano would go on display at the Country Music Hall of Fame.

It is expected to fetch between $500,000 to $700,000, and will be sold alongside a matching bench.

Would you spend nearly half a million quid on Presley's piano? Some may think that someone who would fritter away their hard-earned cash on a gold piano... ain't nothing but a
hound dog.

Back in 2013, the piano went on sale previously via ebay with the starting bid of 3.5 Million Dollars....... It did not sell!

Elvis merchandise is wildly popular; this May, a bidder paid $5,000 (£3,273) for an "EAP" charm bracelet, while someone else paid $41,600 (£27,238) for Elvis' marriage certificate
to Priscilla Presley.