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October 02, 2015 -  Elvis Express Radio
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As many fans know, EPE are openly against not only the production of, but the sale of Public Domain (PD) releases. In fact they discourage the officially recognised fan clubs from
the sale of them, especially the American clubs (let's face it, they don't even allow U.S. Fan Clubs to sell the FTD titles, EPE has the exclusivity on those).

Anyway, on a recent trip to Las Vegas, E.E.R supporter and contributor, Tony Stuchbury took a photo inside the EPE merchandise store at The Westgate after he noticed they were
selling a CD,
'Elvis: That's All Right' [UPC: 625282125427]. This CD was released back in 2011 on the Legacy label [not 'The' Legacy] and contains the usual Hayride Live

Fan Clubs in the States are not allowed to sell these PD budget releases because EPE don't get a slice of the pie, but it seems they are not too worried about selling the same
releases which gives them a huge mark up on the price. For example, 'That's All Right' has a Recommended Retail Price of $8.95, because it is a PD budget release, these cost
around $3.50 for a store to buy. EPE however have the Retail Price for this low price CD set at $12.99 each.

Damned hypocrites !