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September 26, 2015 -  Wales Online / Elvis Express Radio
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Hundreds of Elvis Presley fans rolled into Porthcawl for the annual festival to celebrate the king of rock and roll once again in 2015. The annual Elvis Festival in Wales has been
running for several years now. While the event is billed as a tribute to ELVIS PRESLEY, it's more an IMPersonator fest and instead of Elvis being remembered for what he was, did
and gave the world, the festival focuses more on the caricature and poke some fun at the man himself.

The event attracts many "fans" from around the UK and indeed the world and those who attend are actively encouraged to come dressed as Elvis or Elvis-ish to join in the "fun"?

So below is the festivals 10 Best Things About
'ELVIS PORTHCAWL 2015', let's see what the BEST is....REMEMBER, to look all the way down the list!
#01 - Dogs love Elvis too, y'know
#02 - Elvis, literally, comes in all shapes and sizes
#03 - Seeing double, triple, quadruple...
#04 - Elvis loved Welsh rugby too (apparently)
#05 - There's a whole lotta lovin' going on
#06 - Going back to the 1950s
#07 - The Pink Ladies from Grease are legitimate costumes
#08 - All the Elvis memorabilia you can eat
#09 - Pretending to be in a time warp
#10 - And there's always the King's music
(EER Adds: As long as the music is sung by some bloke in a chumpsuit)
So, there we have it. The very best reasons why anyone should go to Porthcawl? We GUESS ELVIS DOES NOT FACTOR IN THE TOP 10 BEST THINGS ABOUT

For us here at E.E.R, the Number ONE reason is surely or should be ELVIS PRESLEY and not some bloody dog dressed as the man. No wonder he looks pissed in
the photo below.