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September 25, 2015 -  Examiner / Elvis Express Radio
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Reading your exerpt from Tish Henley's book leads me to make a comment.

Tish is a good lady and took care of Elvis' well being good but I think she makes it seem that he pined for Priscilla is overblowing the reality.  He probably every once in awhile may
have made mention of it but I think it was the combination of his depression and the pills he took at that moment that prompted him to say that.  He said the same thing about Ann
Margret and with Ann he tried to do something about it by talking to her in Vegas but Ann being the type of good woman she was had married Roger Smith and she would not be
disloyal to him, it was just too late for Elvis and Ann.

In addition it still got in Elvis' craw that Priscilla left him for another guy and if anything he wanted to get her back at times just to satisfy his ego that he could do that plus show
others that he did.

I know Tish means well and I like her but I think she was swayed by his actions of the moment as she really was not around him for many years and that was required to really know
what Elvis was capable of and why he did things.

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