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September 23, 2015 -  Radar / Elvis Express Radio
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RadarOnline.com can reveal that a woman named Lisa Johansen is intent on taking over Lisa Marie‘s famed former home. Claiming she is Elvis‘ real daughter, she recently even
dared to move in on the iconic Graceland estate!

"This is Lisa Marie's worst nightmare come true! She's absolutely sick of this woman claiming to be Elvis' real daughter," a Presley family source told Radar. "The fact that Lisa
Johansen had the guts to show up at Graceland — the mansion where Lisa Marie spent her childhood and lived through her father's tragic death — is sickening to Lisa Marie!"

"She snapped to a friend, 'How dare she!'" the source revealed. "Lisa Marie doesn't want this woman anywhere near Graceland — or have her further attempt to destroy her
memories of her father."

Johansen, a married mother of four with a law degree living in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., was bidding to oust Lisa Marie from the King's estate. In an outrageous claim that infuriated
both Lisa Marie and her mother, Priscilla Presley, Johansen claimed she had proof she is Elvis' real daughter — and that the woman known around the world as Lisa Marie was, in
fact, an imposter!

Johansen's legal battle began in 2011, when she named Priscilla as a defendant in a $130 million civil lawsuit, claiming the woman now known as Lisa Marie replaced her in a
complex, bizarre and secretive child-swap at age 9. While the case was dismissed, Johansen is considering an appeal.

Johansen said the hidden switch was made for security reasons after Elvis' death on Aug. 16, 1977, when she was spirited away from his gated, 13-acre estate in Memphis, Tenn.,
to Scandinavia. She described her childhood at Graceland as a "fairy tale with my father as the king and myself as the pampered princess."

While in Sweden, she was replaced by an imposter, Johansen claimed. That young lady — now known by the name Lisa Marie — grew up in the public eye, maturing into a
rebellious teen who went on to marry Michael Jackson, as well as three other men.

Lisa Marie's lawyers have blasted Johansen as "delusional" and making "malicious claims."

But Johansen was moved when she made a secret pilgrimage to Graceland on Aug. 14, walking through the mansion, and laying flowers on the King's grave in honor of the 38th
anniversary of his sudden death. "It was highly emotional for Johansen as she went through the house," an eyewitness told Radar. "She became overwhelmed, as if she had 'moved
into' Graceland."

Johansen later told Radar: "Being there, so many memories came rushing back to me in a flood of emotions. I could barely hold back my tears. My father's estate has been
hijacked, and his last will is being violated. I will never go away or stop telling the truth. My father taught me better than that. I am absolutely confident that I will right this wrong.
Every single Elvis fan is the victim of a scam because I have not rightfully been declared as his child."

Explained the family insider: "When spies later told Lisa Marie that Lisa Johansen went to Graceland, it made her blood boil.