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September 18, 2015 - Elvis Matters / Elvis Express Radio
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Elvis' famous double headed eagle "Russian Tsar" crest claw ring. This unique ring has incredible history and impeccable provenance, with well over 100 photographs of it being
worn by Elvis. The ring will be auctioned at Omega Auctions, where also a Hamilton Elvis Presley watch, which was owned and worned by Elvis, will be auctioned.

The ring originally belonged to Elvis' father, Vernon Presley, who wore it often in 1972 and 1973. The earliest photo of Elvis wearing it are from his opening performance at the Las
Vegas Hilton on 26th January 1972. During the early part of 1974 Elvis 'borrowed' the ring again to wear on stage and wore it many times thereafter.

Some two weeks before Elvis was due to perform in Mobile Alabama on August 29th 1976, local man Tommy Milham was first in line to buy tickets at the Municipal Auditorium, where
he took his place early in the evening and stayed in line all night until the doors opened in the morning. The same evening the staff from the Mobile press came out and interviewed
him for the newspaper reporting how he waited in line with hot drinks, lunch and a portable chair to sleep on. Mr Milham sat in the front row for the concert and when Elvis spotted
him waving the newspaper with the headline 'First In Line With Patience' , Elvis approached him and took the newspaper. He read the headline, and thanked the fan by asking if
he'd like a scarf. Mr Milham pointed at the huge ring Elvis was wearing and shouted "No, I want that ring!" Elvis told him that he couldn't give his ring away and handed him a scarf
instead. Mr Milham shouted again, demanding the ring. Elvis finally shrugged his shoulders and with an embarrassed look he slipped the ring from his finger and handed it to Mr

At its widest point the 14ct gold ring measures 25mm and features 52 diamonds on a blue lapis stone. The current owner carried out an incredible amount of research and collated
a huge amount of paperwork, articles and photographs relating to the ring. The lot includes the numerous newspaper clippings, a vhs tape, dvd and a cd from the 1976 concert, a
legal affidavit from Tommy Milhan and further research into the provenance of the ring, including a detailed catalogue of around 100 concerts when the ring was worn in public by
Elvis together with folders of photographs. The estimated value of the ring is about 35.000-50.000 Euro.