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September 16, 2015 - Elvis Matters / Elvis Express Radio
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AAAAAARRRRRRGGGHHHHHHHH! It's that damn bus again, but this time we're just bringing you an update as to what is happening with the next the step under the latest owners.
The bus which has become known as the "TCB Tour Bus" was used by J.D. Sumner and the Stamps after Elvis had paid the first down payment of $25,000

The down payment was made by Elvis on July 06 1976 and the bus was then redesigned inside and had Elvis' famous trademark logo, TCB, emblazoned along the sides.

Elvis Express Radio battled for years against the false claims that Elvis himself not only drove the bus but used it across America during his Concert Tours and would sleep on the
bus......Not! Fans around America were taken for mugs when an Elvis IMP took the bus on tour a few years back telling unknowing public that the bus was Elvis Presley's bus and
even had the back window design stating,
'THE KING OF ROCK~n~ROLL TOUR OF 1976 - 1977'. There was even a claim that this back window text was there when Elvis used the
bus? That claim alone should have told fans this was total BULL! Also, during the IMP tour, they were charging people to look on the bus and PAY to have a photo taken.

The Stamps only used the bus a few times with Elvis as he sadly Died just a year later in August 1977 of a massive heart attack at Graceland. The Stamps later sold the bus which
would go on to be used by various Country Music stars such as the Kentucky Headhunters. With the exception of the TCB logo on the sides of the Bus, more Elvis related stickers
over the years appeared on the bus, mostly the TCB logo which was plastered just about everywhere. Wing Mirrors, Cupboards, Steering Wheel, they even put a TCB sticker on the
frickin' toilet ..... How totally tasteless!

The Stamps Bus was sold during an Auction in April 2015 for more than 230,000 Euros (UK=£168,000 or US=$263,000) and the new owners have informed our colleagues over at
'Elvis Matters' that the bus has got new windshields and is being completely stripped etc.

Just what this new saga in the story of the Stamps Bus will be is anyone's guess? And just what it will look like after it's all new overhaul we'll just have to wait and see, but one thing
we can predict is that the bus will STILL NOT be Elvis Presley's or used by Elvis Presley.