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September 16, 2015 - The National / Elvis Express Radio
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A GLASGOW seller has put up for sale one of the most sought-after recordings by Elvis Presley at an asking price of £29,000 ($45,000 U.S.).

It is an original first pressing copy of his first single “That’s Alright” backed with “Blue Moon of Kentucky” – one of only 20,000 copies that were sold on its release in 1954.

The unnamed user of the Shpock boot sale website, who lives in Partick, said the disc was “hard to get in any condition” and had the “Sun hiss and surface noise” expected from
recordings of that era from the Sun studio. Will Campbell, from Shpock, said it was one of the “rarest Elvis records in the world”, and rated by Rolling Stone among the top 500
Greatest Songs of All Time.

He told The National: “It is an original first pressing from the famous Sun studios in Memphis, Tennessee and I would call this record very good (VG) grade on the goldmine scale.

“VG does not necessarily mean a great-looking record. It just means that it has been looked after as well as could be hoped considering its age.

“Very good grade records may have lost some of their lustre on the vinyl and some hiss will be heard. The seller of this record seems to be pretty open about the hiss.” However, he
added: “This isn’t necessarily a flaw in the item as older 45s from the Sun studio are now renowned for their ‘Sun Hiss’.” Blue Moon is Kentucky’s official bluegrass song and was
written by Bill Monroe, who was considered the father of the genre. Most people are more familiar with That’s Alright (Mama), written by Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup, which received
most of the attention at the time, but Blue Moon – described as a “bluegrass waltz” – was also much loved.

The recording was made on July 5, 1954 after Elvis, along with two local musicians – guitarist Scotty Moore and bassist Bill Black – had gone through a “tedious” session at the

They then broke into a speeded-up version of That’s All Right, which producer Sam Phillips immediately liked. This went on to become the first of five singles of early Elvis songs
recorded and released on the Sun label. A quick internet search returned no original copies of the disc, but Campbell said he could not be sure if the owner’s price was right. He
said: “In terms of the price, I think the seller is quite optimistic. However, Shpock doesn’t handle the sale of the items and users are free to charge their own prices.”

EER Adds: Good try to the seller, but c'mon now it's time to enter back into reality and set a price much more realistic!!