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September 15, 2015 - NYU LOCAL / Elvis Express Radio
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Did you know Elvis Presley was a fan of NYU? Neither did we, until some dude on Reddit tipped us off.

“Underneath the foliage/In its bower set/Loveliest of the flowers of spring/blooms the violet,”sings Elvis on “Violet (Flower of  NYU).” “Violet, violet, flower of NYU/We will will ever sing
thy praise/To thee we’ll e’er be true.” Hell yeah.

Adapted from American Civil War song “Aura Lee,” the strange, short song was recorded in 1968 for Presley’s 1969 film The Trouble With Girls. Elvis fans might find the tune
familiar because Presley had previously adapted “Aura Lee” in his 1956 song “Love Me Tender,” a track which makes my loins quake just thinking about.

“Violet” probably isn’t well known because though it was featured in The Trouble With Girls, the track itself was not officially released by RCA until various soundtrack compilations in
the 1990s. Apparently The Trouble With Girls wasn’t even a bad movie, even garnering a pretty positive review in The New York Times. The film was Presley’s second-t0-last film
acting effort.

After trying in vane to track down a copy of the film and reading through a few too many Elvis fan sites, I’ve given up trying to figure out why the hell Presley was singing about NYU
in a movie plotted around a traveling “Chautauqua” troupe in a small Iowa town, but I’m glad for the song anyway dammit. Go Violets!