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September 13, 2015 - IRISH MIRROR / Elvis Express Radio
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Well, listeners to Elvis Express Radio had already enjoyed the Elvis World premier of the much anticipated Elvis duet with Micheal Bublé on the 1960 classic recording, 'Fever' by
the time the rest of the world got to hear the new recording through the U.S. Publication, 'The People', (although NOT available to view if outside the USA).

The new duet is taken from Elvis Presley’s new posthumous album,
'If I Can Dream: Elvis with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)', due out on  October. 30, will feature
versions of his classic songs reworked by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with vocals from various artists like Michael Bublé, Il Volo, and Duane Eddy.

Elvis and Bublé’s track, “Fever,” debuted over at PEOPLE on Monday, and in a video clip, Buble talks about lending his voice to Presley’s iconic tune. “I do open my show with it,” he
said, “and I always loved it. I think it’s a really incredible sexy, smoldering song… For me to do this today is one of the greatest things I’ve ever done. this is a highlight of my career.
After all as far as I'm concerned Elvis is the greatest artist of all time”.

Elvis Express Radio will continue to bring you a NEW Premier each and every week in the run up to the release of the new 'If I Can Dream' album so make sure you download the
show and get to hear the all new Elvis recordings and the brand new single first here on E.E.R.

The Elvis influence endures over 38 years since his death in 1977. An auction of his select personal items grabbed headlines in August, and all eyes were on three generations of
Presley women when Riley Keough got sweet support from mom Lisa Marie and grandmother Priscilla at the Los Angeles premiere of Mad Max: Fury Road in May.