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Long time listeners may well remember way back in 2008, we spoke about the Las Vegas star project that Sue Lorenz was organising as president of the Viva Las Vegas Fan club.
Well, now that the Riviera has closed down, the Elvis star has had to be removed and so Sue has asked E.E.R.because some of the donators to Elvis' star were listeners to the
show and she wanted to update the fans as to what is going on.

The old star has a new home and a new replacement star will be installed on the Strip in the near future.

Earlier this year, the hotel/casino that was hosting Elvis Presley’s star in the Las Vegas Walk of Stars was sold.   After 60 years of business and activity on the famous Strip, the
fabulous Riviera was sold to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and closed down, to be demolished in the future.   Shortly after the sale, the new owner requested the
Walk organization to remove the honorary stars in the sidewalk.

The Viva Las Vegas club was given possession of the Elvis Presley star, which it had sponsored in 2008.   The star was in already damaged condition (faded with cracks and chips)
from years in the sun and vibrations from pedestrians and street traffic.   The removal put the star in an even more sensitive and fragile condition.   It was decided by the Walk
organization that this star would not be repaired and reinstalled in a new location, unlike the other stars which had held up better due to being constructed differently. (The Elvis
star was first to have a new experimental design.) The club's board of directors believed that the star still deserved a new purpose but needed to decide what that would be. In the
meantime, awaiting its fate, the old star was temporarily under the care of the club president.     (More later about the new star.)   

At first, the club board members had considered cutting up the star and offering pieces to donors and others for voluntary contributions, but the price estimate was not cost
effective.   Thinking it over, the new idea came about to donate the star somewhere in Las Vegas to preserve its history and for people to still be able to see it.   The board believed
that the star belonged to Las Vegas and should remain, in Elvis’ honor and memory. The Neon Museum was the first choice, so that the star could once again be near neon and be
available for Las Vegas visitors and Elvis fans. (Since 1996, The Neon Museum Art Gallery and History Museum has saved and sometimes has restored vintage casino signs and
other artifacts of Las Vegas.)

The star was offered to the Neon Museum, and the board of directors gladly accepted the donation, wanting to integrate it into their future planned Riviera display.   Riviera neon
signs are now preserved at the museum, and reuniting them with the star seem the perfect partnership.

For now, the star is in storage at the museum.   Thanks to Stone Industries of America, which handles the Walk of Stars’ construction and installations, the Elvis star has had its
underside repaired, cracks filled in, and reinforced with strong backing material.    At a future date, the Neon Museum will add the Elvis Presley Star to their collection on public
display.   The museum will make an announcement when that time arrives.

As for the new / replacement star:   The club’s president is in the process with the Walk’s president to arrange a new location within the next few months.   The Las Vegas Walk of
Stars is busy with new stars, moving old ones, and replacements.   Elvis’ star is within that schedule.   When the club knows of the final details of the new installation, it will make
another announcement.   The club is sure you will be pleased with the end result.

The Viva Las Vegas club has been taking care of Elvis Presley in Las Vegas in its own way since 2004. Its members are proud to have been able to maintain this goal in part in
connection with the Las Vegas Walk of Stars, Stone Industries of America, and the Neon Museum, and are immensely grateful for their support.
August 29, 2015 - Sue Lorenz / Elvis Express Radio