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August 21, 2015 / International Business Times / Elvis Express Radio
“American Horror Story” just released two more teaser trailers for the upcoming season, but the biggest clue from the videos is not what can be seen on screen, but what is heard in
the background.

Entertainment Weekly released the two videos Friday. The first, titled “Do Not Disturb,” features a man with no face and a quick audio at the end teasing “Heartbreak Hotel.” The
second video, “Beauty Rest,” shows someone getting strangled by a metallic claw-like hand. Those listening closely can catch the words to a chilling song: “Since my baby left me/ I
found a new place to dwell/ Heartbreak Hotel.”

Elvis Presley fans will recognize those lyrics from his 1956 single “Heartbreak Hotel.” But what some don’t know is that there is a sad story behind the song. The tune was written by
Tommy Durden and Mae Boren Axton for Presley’s first single with his new label, RCA Victor. Durden and Axton reportedly were inspired to write the song after reading a
newspaper article about a man who killed himself by jumping from a hotel window. After destroying all forms of identification, the man left behind a note with five words on it: “I walk a
lonely road.” Durden and Mae created a haunting song, adding a “heartbreak hotel” to the story.

The latest promo videos feature country singer Heidi Feek’s cover of “Heartbreak Hotel.” Could the lyrics reveal clues about the Season 5 plot? “American Horror Story” fans
already know that a love triangle will play out among the characters played by Lady Gaga, Finn Wittrock and Matt Bomer. Perhaps one of the men will find himself with a broken
heart? Or maybe heartbreak and gloom are what draw the guests to the Los Angeles hotel?