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August 20, 2015 / The Jerusalem Post / Elvis Express Radio
AT THE beginning of this year, his many fans around the world celebrated the 80th anniversary of the birth of American cultural icon Elvis Presley, whose influence on music
continues beyond the grave. Presley died on August 16, 1977, and since then, lovers of his songs and his style have been emulating him on that date and for the whole week.

People taking the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem Highway cannot fail to notice the big sign for The Elvis Inn, located in Neveh Ilan. Needless to say, the Presley anniversary was
commemorated there as well. Brothers Uri and Amnon Yoeli purchased the premises in 1974.

Uri was a big Elvis fan and had a couple of portraits of Presley in his house. His wife didn’t like Presley at all and threatened to throw out the portraits, an act that would have sown a
lot of disharmony in their home. So Yoeli took them to his place of business and displayed them near the cash register. Gradually he added Elvis posters, pictures and statues and
a jukebox that constantly plays Elvis tunes. The ambience is very 1950s, and the restaurant has long been a favorite place for Elvis fans and impersonators.

In October next year they’ll be commemorating the 60th anniversary of the release of Elvis’s first single, “Heartbreak Hotel.”